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About Pharmachem Labs

Pharmachem Laboratories, LLC is a family of companies specializing in the manufacturer of custom, generic and branded ingredients for supplements, food, beverage, health, flavor and fragrance industries worldwide since 1979.

Pharmachem Laboratories, LLC is headquartered in Kearny, NJ in the USA. Pharmachem developed Phase 2 Carb Controller® in the late 1990s and launched it in the marketplace in 2001. Today it is the best-selling, most trusted name in the carb blocker category, with both national and international distribution.

Pharmachem Laboratories, LLC develops, supplies and manufactures a variety of high-quality, efficacious nutritional ingredients and bulk raw materials under the strictest quality control according to cGMP certified standards. Main product areas include vitamins and minerals; specialty ingredients; herbs and botanicals; and powdered drink formulation and manufacture. Standard operating procedures include testing every lot for potency, microbiology, organoleptics, and purity.

Pharmachem Laboratories, LLC is a global leader in the nutraceutical industry with processing and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, including American Ingredients, Anaheim, CA; Avoca Inc., Merry Hill, NC; Avoca BioProcessing Corp., Menomonee Falls, WI; and MPT Inc., Paterson, NJ. Pharmachem also owns Proprietary Nutritionals Inc., a marketer of several patented, branded ingredients, including Phase 2®.

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