Phase 2® Supplements

Phase2® is clinically proven to safely reduce enzymatic digestion of dietary starch by temporarily inhibiting salivary & pancreatic alpha-amylase.

Phase2® may reduce starch digestion and assist in weight control and glucose control when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Phase2® is an ingredient in a variety of supplement forms including tablets, capsules, powdered drinks, chewables and sprinkled form. It is in supplements that are distributed in retail outlets and health food stores.

The optimum time to take Phase2® is at “first bite” or during 
a starchy meal with 8 ounces of water. Consumers take it in pill form, in foods, or add it directly to foods like salt or pepper.

Phase2® dosage is 500mg-1500mg per starchy meal. The amount required to inhibit alpha-amylase enzyme may vary individually.

Phase2® is manufactured in the USA from non-GMO plant sources and is FDA GRAS with daily ingestion of up to 10 grams per day.

FDA GRAS status earned
cGMP Certified US made 
Fully traceable 
Clinical Studies