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Phase 2 Pet®

Phase 2® is a proprietary all-natural ingredient, a non-stimulant extract of the white kidney bean, and has been proven in a multi-clinic pet study to be effective in preventing the breakdown of starch and its absorption in canines. The pet study using the Phase 2® ingredient shows 88% of dogs lost weight. 76% of the dogs lost abdominal inches, and none of the dogs gained abdominal inches.

The ‘Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats’ study published by the National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences showed that 25% of dogs in the US were overweight, and many classified as obese. Subsequent to this study, Phase 2® was the first carb blocker ingredient used in a canine multi-clinic pet study to investigate the use of starch blockers for canine weight loss.

This pet study shows weight reduction in a wide variety of canine breeds as a result of the Phase 2® starch blocker ingredient. The dogs that lost weight, lost an average of 4.61% body weight per dog. 76% lost abdominal inches with an average of 1.6 inches per dog. None of the dogs gained abdominal inches. All dogs lost waist size or stayed the same.

Clinical Studies

FDA GRAS status earned
cGMP Certified US made 
Fully traceable 
88% of dogs lost weight
76% lost abdominal inches