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For Nutrition Professionals

Both weight management and blood sugar require careful food choices and a balanced diet to achieve better health. Since starch-containing foods are part of a balanced diet, managing their selection and amounts are important in achieving this goal.

Choosing portion-controlled foods that are high in fiber or low glycemic is one way of getting the results needed to lose weight or lower blood glucose. Phase 2® helps in getting these results too.

Phase 2® may reduce the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches and assist in weight control when eaten with food, and used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise.

Phase 2® is a natural nutritional ingredient derived from the white kidney bean. It is the first nutritional ingredient clinically and scientifically proven to reduce the breakdown of starches found in foods like potato, rice, bread, pasta, cereal and bakery products.

Meal Planning Guide

Carbohydrate Counting Tool

The quality and amount of carbohydrates consumed daily can be key in managing weight and health risks. The Carbohydrate Counting Tool can serve as a reference guide for estimating daily carb servings that promote weight loss in most people. The Carbohydrate Counting Tool can be used in conjunction with Phase 2®.

Carb Counter